Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Optimized Web Sites

Looking for a customer-developed web site? Or you already find that site but hesitated due to its expensive services. Worry no more because is here! is a website which offers free blogger tools to create entire websites for small businesses that deliver all of the results that you expect from an expensive, customer-developed web site. What makes Web Presence Two different is the service is the same or better but the price is lower. Do not worry for this site guarantees quality services. You would get your money’s worth and be satisfied to the end results. As they WebPresencetwo said, “We use repeatable processes, work smarter not harder, and leverage as many free resources as possible.”

Their services include RSS Feeds, Simple CMS, A Blog and follow basic SEO principals for site development.

Visit their site today! This site will definitely help you in bolstering up your business.

Another Heartbreak!

Aside from having my entrecard deleted, another site had also deleted my account. Payperpost deleted my account! huhuhuhuhuhuhu! My blog is said to be not in compliance or does not meet IZEA's standard. I hope my Social Spark Account will not be next! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Well, I will try to be in the list again! I hope they will accept.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Error

I already submitted my post but was rejected by PPP because my non paid post was dated beyond the 7 day period! Huhuhuhuhu! Well, its my fault for not blogging here so often. So now, I am going to activate my blogging to be accepted the next opportunity that comes my way!