Monday, December 15, 2008

Friendly Sweeteners

Emerald forest is a company that manufactures natural sweeteners and snacks. They are committed to give the highest quality as possible. Such sweeteners are naturally extracted from fruits, berries, lettuce, and corn cobs. With intensive studies they find their way to lessen the intake of sugar into our body which results to the imbalance of insulin production and thereby causing diabetes. Emerald forest wants to maintain your love for sweets but maintain your sugar level. Their products can be patronized by both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. Why?

Because Emerald Forest uses 100% erythritol crystals made from sugar and xylitol comes from non-genetically modified, pesticide-free corn.

Emerald Forest offers Gums, Mints, Fruit Sours, and Coffee Shots which contain delicious natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors. Emerald Forest gives great tasting treats satisfy your sweet tooth. They also offer maximum dental benefits by shielding against cavity-causing bacteria and plaque build-up, while strengthening your teeth and freshening to your breath.

Enjoy sweets and never be fearful of diabetes because Emerald Forests' products are unbeatably of quality. To a healthy body try their products!

Visit their site for more information.

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