Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Well

Its almost a month since I posted here. Wait, when did I last posted . . . oh it was on January 14, 2009, huh! Tomorrow will be exactly a month! Oh well, how time flies. I was really busy but then I always try my best to be a regular visitor to those bloggers who visited my site. I just hope I can keep up or maintain my blog here. That is to post about anything which interest me.

By the way, I was saddened yesterday because one of my bosses left for the States to take good care of his wife. His wife develop bronchitis and he was so worried, so he immediately filed his resignation to be with his wife the soonest possible. Even for a short time of him being here, we developed friendship and I was touched when he passed by my office to give some dried fruits and an apple and then he said goodbye. I know I was teary, he is such a good boss. I hope his wife will get well soon.


minnie_madz said...

how sweet is your boss to his wife :) *love love love*

the opportunity said...