Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reason for Losing Weight

I am one of those women who had exerted effort to lose weight but ended up frustrated. Why? Because its either we do not eat right and we are lazy doing exercises. I admit that I am lazy to do exercises. That is one factor why I have not attained my desired weight. So, at of this moment, I am disciplining myself to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and do even a 15 minute exercise. I hope after 6 months or 1 year I can lose even 5 pounds is already good to me.

I am trying to lose weight because I do not want to end up having heart problems, diabetes and other diseases related to obesity. So I believe that no other method to lose weight but still the traditional way; that is, to eat right, regular exercise and to sleep early for at least 8 hours.

However, some obsessed women turn into diet pills to speed up their weight loss. Most doctors are against it because it is not healthy to do so. The kidney and thyroid might get affected if we turn to diet pills. Others starved themselves. They do not know that the more they stop eating the less the metabolism becomes. Others turn to throwing up or vomiting. After eating what they love to eat, they visit the bathroom to vomit all they have eaten. This type of method is really unhealthy for they will end up in the hospitals suffering from bulimia. There are other unhealthy methods that people turn to just to lose weight but these can pose danger to our own lives.

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