Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Treasure

One of my priceless treasures are my poems which I wrote during my teenage years. I did stop writing for more than a decade. I did forgot all of my composition until lately I opened my old boxes and found my collection. Its not so great though I count it as my treasure. Here's one of them ;

My Friend
All my life I've searched for someone
who'll care for me
Someone to laugh with, whom I can
share my joys and sorrows
Someone who'll help me face the world
All those times when I was busy
I didn't realized there was someone
just behind me
Willing to care, share, willing to help
You were always there whenever
I needed a shoulder to cry on
You were there when I thought
it was the end of the world
Heaven knows you were always there
when I needed you to be
But why, when I was beginning
to see reality
When I realized that you were the one
I've searching for
Did you have to go
and leave me . . .
Here I am reminiscing the
Memories of you when
you were still here
My Friend, may your soul rest in peace.

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