Sunday, October 12, 2008

See The Farm House

Whew! It's almost done, the walls are already installed. We are still ordering the glasses for the windows and doors. I can't wait to have it all furnished!

The kids were running around it yesterday. They like it there because the air is cool and they love to look at the sea. They also want to stay there overnight. But then I told them that there's no electricity yet, its dark at night, so, they let me promise to have an overnight there if the house is already done.

The excavation for the pool is already done. I don't know yet what will be the design of the pool, I think I have to surf the net first before they cement it.

My daughter, my nephews and my niece were really excited when they got to see and learn that the hole is intended for the pool. They are already asking me to finish the pool first instead of the house. hehehehe. They all love to swim. Kids easily changed their mind instantly. Hay!

At around 7 pm, I and my husband stayed at this house for an hour discussing the arrangement of the kitchen, ofcourse we were bringing flash light. We did sat on the floor looking at the horizon and the tiny lights of the boat and some houses. We did relaxed.

* The view from the would-be kitchen*


Maus said...

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arzed said...

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