Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I feel tired today. I went to Mediation this morning afterward fetched my daughter, prepared lunch and bring her back to school. Then after 3 hours fetched her again. At 5 pm I went to school just to found out that our professor will not meet us. So frustrating yet relieved because I was not able to study my lesson! I think my life is a little complicated!!!!!!!!


Irfan "melodic" Nugroho said...

Hi Connie, don't be so scare of your professor. You must have seen him just like a "monseter" (((((hahahaha)))))

Well, if you read my latest post, you will see that there are so many out there who have no such a "lucky fate" as you. Keep spirit and keep spirit, Connie!

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Best regards,

Irfan Melodic Nugroho
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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you really feel tired even though you haven't done anything. Probably your body is just craving for rest, or spa? :)

eunice said...

hi Connie! HA! I had such feelings back in my school days too! LOL Let's face it! hehe! Get prepared next time then! :D