Monday, September 8, 2008

My Weight

As a common problem to all moms, WEIGHT!

This is my interest, to lose weight. Ever since I gave birth, I really wanted to bring back my old weight of 50kg. Really a mother is very fulfilling, however, weight becomes a problem. I envy those mothers who are very sexy inspite of having 3-5 children. I wish I could stay as sexy as they are. Hay . . . . . . . . . . . .

My husband told me that I am still sexy (gosh is he blind! I have so much bulges around my body!). He usually comforted me by telling, the inner person that counts more and not merely the outer or physical appearance. Well, I believe him but then, can't help it, I want to wear sexy outfit. Anyone agrees with me? Toink!!!!!!

Well looking at my old pictures, I wish I could be in that size again.



See those pictures? The upper pictures were before I got pregnant and below is my present size. Do I look different now? Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


artofreed said...

Sexy just not looking from body !!.

DhoyM said...

I agree with your husband but sometimes being overweight can lower one's self steem. You look beautiful and you're not that heavy anyway. Thanks for visiting my site.

Carlota said...

your husband is right. yes I agree with DhoyM.

Thanks for stopping by...Yes I did design work on greeman's blog. thanks ha. suggestion? it depends.
email me if you get a chance.

take care.

sush pennin(g) thoughts said...

u look damn gorgeous before marraige..

now also u dnt look bad....u look so cute!!

Bunda Rierie said...

yup... theinner beautiful more important than a sexy body