Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Farm

Last year, my husband and I decided to buy an agricultural land. What motivated us to buy such lot was because of my biological brother. Though, not an agriculturist, he's interest and passion was for agriculture, planting vegetables and fruits which are rarely found in the Philippines, such as strawberry, basil, lettuce, jujubi, grape vine, sweet bell pepper and salad tomatoes. Other commonly grown that he planted are banana trees, eggplant, lanzones, mangostene and cabbage. He often told me that he is an agronomist. Don't ask me what is that because . . . I don't know. I will research later. Toink! hehehehe. He even formulated his own fertilizer to which he called EM. EM is an organic and natural based fertilizer. We used it in our farm, meaning, our farm is free from commercial fertilizer, pesticide and herbicides. Its all natural and so healthy.
We usually go there and have our family picnic every Sunday in the afternoon after our congregational meeting. We usually pack fishes and meat to grill and chicken drumstick to fry for my daughter, my nephews and niece. We do have some fun going there plus we do bring our magic sing to sing out loud, hahahahaha!
Below are some of the picture taken in our farm :
The 100% organic tomatoes we harvest last month

An overlooking from the top of the farm. This is where we will build our farm house

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eunice said...

Hi Connie! So nice to have such a big farm! It's so organic!

Thanks for adding me, I've added you under my blogroll too!

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