Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yummy Veggies

While checking on the progress of our farm house, I also visited the vegetable nursery about 500 meters from the farm house and look what I saw . . .


Chinese celery

We commonly call this in the Philippines as kangkong

The tomatoes are starting to bear some of its fruits



What makes those vegetables different? We are using purely organic fertilizer which makes those looks, texture and taste different. One of the base that we use in our fertilizer is gano.

Freshly Harvested Sweet Bell Pepper & Lettuce

I pick some of those yummy veggies and made a salad for me and for my hubby.

We also planted some rarely grown fruit in the Philippines to which we also uses organic fertilizer, such as the following:


13 variety of Grape Vines

Fuji and Green Apple Trees

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